Plant Based Energy Drinks

We have combined the best that nature can offer us.

Enjoy the invigoration based on natural caffeine extract from Single origin coffee Brazil Santos Caracolito, Yerba mate & Guarana

Naturally Boosted Mind & Energy

Activate your inner power with completely natural plant based energy drinks.

Forget artificial ingredients, loads of sugar, taurine or even artificial flavours.

I made these drinks upon my more than 10 years experiences in tea and coffee industry. I made them because I don't drink ordinary energy drinks, and because I had a necessity of keeping myself not just energetic, but primarily sharp minded.

Main Characteristics of Bunate Plant Based Energy Drinks

Caffeine Source

In Bunate plant based energy drinks you we use natural caffeine resources.

In drinks you will primarily get caffeine from Coffee and Yerba mate infusion.

The only extract we use in is Guarana extract because of small used dosage.

Because of primarily natural extraction you get all the positive substances from Coffee (coffee actually contains quite a lot different antioxidants), Yerba mate & Guarana (such as theophylline, theobromine).

Most of the infused substances gives you immediate effect, such as calmness and better concentration from theophylline and theobromine.

We use different caffeine source for different purpose of drinking the energy drink.


In drinks we don't use artificial flavours.

We add concentrated fruit juice from natural sources, or we use infusions.

Also all added aromas are natural.

This is why the taste of the drink is not artificial, but it is more like drinking a juice or tea.

Sugar content

All the drinks contains 4g of sugar on 100ml

The whole can (330ml) contains 13,2 mg of sugar, which is 18 kcal or 77kJ

Various Caffeine Content

Why don't have options?
I realized that having an energy drink that gives you an option based on your current needs is the best gift I can give you.

You don't need always full stimulation. Sometimes you need just a light boost - than 40(MG) is a drink for you.

The other time you need concentration and long boost - you choose 90(MG)

Than you have a nuance for energy and concentration - you choose 120(MG)

Product range



You need a refreshment and just a little boost?
Than 40(MG) lavender is the right choice for you.

Drink contains 40mg of caffeine. The caffeine is based on the cold brew coffee - specifically Single origin coffee Brazil Santos Caracolito.

Enjoy in natural drink, which will lift you up in both ways - with the caffeine and freshness from the lemonade.



You need sharp mind and slow boost which lasts.

90(MG) provides you with that. The caffeine is based on Yerba mate - which in addition to caffeine contains theophylline and theobromine, which boosts slowly and have a positive effect on concentration.

In this drink you will also find 20% RDA of vitamins B3, B12, D3 and Magnesium. All this vitamins additionally helps your body to stay calm and focused.



A drink based on cold brew coffee and yerba mate tea with added guarana and apple juice.

Caffeine in coffee first raises energy, then yerba mate keeps it going and further improves concentration.

Excellent refreshment and invigoration, containing 120mg of caffeine.

Intended for a one-time boost when you have to work long into the night or the night was too short.

In this drink you will also find 20% RDA of vitamins B3, B12, D3 and Magnesium. All this vitamins additionally helps your body to stay calm and focused.

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